About Me 

CAITLIN SHEARER is the woman behind Caitlin She.

Caitlin works from her studio in Melbourne, Australia as an Illustrator, seamstress, and clothing and textile designer. 

Fond of the exquisite forms found in nature - be it bodily or plant based, she looks to inspect the world with an intrinsically female eye at all times. 

This is the outlet in which her multidisciplinary skills meet and then meld to create a visual world of their own.


Handmade Goods

Caitlin believes in ethical, local production and releases small runs of clothing which are sewn by hand, in her own workspace. Her unique textile designs are printed in Melbourne, and then Caitlin goes to work cutting, sewing, packing and photographing - it's a one woman show.




As with everything Caitlin makes, it is done with heart.




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